Бермудские Острова / Bermuda

Super heavyweight boxer Clarence HILL took the bronze medal at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal and remains Bermuda's only Olympic medallist. Bermuda was first represented by a five-man swimming team at the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games.

That team included Edmund COOPER, whose son Kirk finished fifth in sailing at the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games.

In London in 1948, sprinters Phyllis EDNESS and Phyllis LIGHTBOURN-JONES became the first Bermudan women to take part in the Olympic Games. Bermudans have performed well in sailing.

At the Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games, Alan BURLAND and Christopher NASH finished fifth in the Tornado class.

Peter BROMBY and Lee WHITE finished fourth in the star class at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Paula LEWIN competed at three Olympic Games. In her last appearance, at Athens 2004, she sailed with twin sister Peta in the yngling.

In athletics, high jumper Nick SAUNDERS placed fifth at the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games.

Triple jumper Brian WELLMAN finished fifth at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games and sixth at Atlanta 1996. He competed in four consecutive Olympic Games from 1988–2000.

At Beijing 2008, Bermuda were represented by four women and two men in athletics, equestrian, triathlon and swimming. The team traditionally parade in the Opening Ceremony wearing Bermuda shorts.

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